Monday, February 27, 2012

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National Panda Day is March 16th!


Welcome to! This website is intended to be an informative site for panda lovers looking to celebrate National Panda Day in style. Do you love pandas? Then keep reading.

Important Things to Know:

When is National Panda Day? National Panda Day is March 16th! Some websites may say it is April 16th, but they are mistaken. April 16th is of course the one month pandiversary of National Panda Day!

Check Out This Cool Countdown Timer for more information:

Also if you're interested in watching some cool panda videos, here are some:
Panda Tumbling!
Dancing Panda!
Baby Panda!

And because this website loves all bears, here's a video you might also enjoy:

Tickle Me Polar Bear!

And some nice panda photos!

If you would like to learn more about pandas click here or check back for upcoming posts about panda fun facts and more panda videos and pictures. And get ready for March 16th! It's going to be panda-monium!

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